Woodwinds Department

This page is designed to keep woodwind students up to date with the events that will take place in woodwind lab. The information below is subject to change without notice however we will make every effort to inform you should there be any changes that will impact you. Please ensure you are prepared to potentially play for every class session regardless of the stated/posted curriculum. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

Woodwind Department Handbook

 Date Class  Facilitator 

January 13 Overview of Syllabus Linda Chesis & Christine Carter  Ades 
January 20 Flute Orchestral Rep 1 Michael Parloff  Myers
Oboe Contemporary Music Matt Sullivan  Ades
Cl/Bsn Masterclass Frank Morelli  Mikowsky
January 27 (Class Canceled) Take Charge of Your Career Astrid Baumgardner   Ades
February 3 Practice Techniques Frank Morelli   Ades
February 10  Flute Orchestral Rep 2 Michael Parloff
Clarinet Masterclass Charles Neidich
Ob/Bsn Mozart Concerti Bert Lucarelli
February 17 Brahms 3 Kim Laskowski MSM NY Phil Ades
February 24 Flute Masterclass Susan Milan  Myers
Reeds Masterclass Charles Neidich
March 17  Fl/Ob Orch Rep Preparation and Execution  Keisuke Wakao  Myers
Cl/Bsn Orch Rep Preparation and Execution  Michael Wayne Miller 
March 24 Flute Orchestral Rep 3  Michael Parloff  Myers
Clarinet Doubling Class  Jim Ognibene
Oboe English Horn Class  Pedro Diaz  Miller
Bassoon Contrabassoon Class   Billy Hestand
 Room 226
March 31  Fl/Bsn Sport Psychology Techniques   Christine Carter
Cl/Ob Teaching Techniques   Linda Chesis  Miller
April 7  Fl/Bsn Teaching Techniques   Linda Chesis  Miller
Cl/Ob Sport Psychology Techniques   Christine Carter  Myers
April 14 Flute Orchestral Repertoire 4  Michael Parloff
Oboe Reed Class  Grace Johnson Shryock
Clarinet Repair/Maintenance Class Kristin Bertrand  Ades
Bassoon Reed Class  Billy Hestand
 Room 226
April 21 Flute Masterclass   Vincens Prats
Ob/Cl/Bsn Woodwind Octet Readings  Alan Kay
April 28 10:00 - 11:20 Orchestral Reading Mark Gould  Room 610
April 28 11:20 - 11:50 Final Group Woodwind Lab Discussion Linda Chesis & Christine Carter  TBD/Ades